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Smith may refer to:

  • Metalsmith, or simply smith, a craftsman fashioning tools or works of art out of various metals

North America


In space

Other places

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Smith Article Talk Language Watch Edit Look up Smith or smith in Wiktionary the free dictionary Smith may refer to Contents 1 People 2 Arts and entertainment 3 Places 3 1 North America 3 2 Antarctica 3 3 In space 3 4 Other places 4 Businesses and organisations 5 Other uses 6 See also Metalsmith or simply smith a craftsman fashioning tools or works of art out of various metalsPeople EditSmith surname a family name originating in England Scotland and Ireland List of people with surname Smith Smith Family disambiguation Admiral Smith disambiguation Doctor Smith disambiguation General Smith disambiguation Governor Smith disambiguation Judge Smith disambiguation Justice Smith disambiguation Mayor Smith disambiguation President Smith disambiguation Reverend Smith disambiguation Sgt Smith disambiguation Arts and entertainment EditSee also List of people with surname Smith Fictional Smiths Smith band an American rock band 1969 1971 Smith 1917 film a British silent film Smith 1939 film a short film Smith a 1969 Disney Western film Smith TV series a 2006 American drama Smith a 1932 novel by Warwick Deeping Smith a 1967 novel by Leon Garfield and a 1970 TV adaptationPlaces EditSee also Smith Island disambiguation and Smith River disambiguation North America Edit Smith Indiana U S Smith Kentucky U S Smith Nevada U S Smith South Carolina U S Smith Village Oklahoma U S Smith Park Middletown Connecticut U S a public park Smith Pool Salem Massachusetts U S Smith Alberta Canada Smith Sound between Greenland and Canada Smith Sound Newfoundland and Labrador Canada Smith Sound British Columbia Canada Smith County disambiguation Smith Township disambiguation Fort Smith disambiguation Antarctica Edit Smith Bluffs Ellsworth Land Smith Cliff Ellsworth Land Smith Glacier Marie Byrd Land Smith Heights Oates Land Smith Islands Wilkes Land Smith Knob Ellsworth Land Smith Nunatak Mac Robertson Land Smith Nunataks two nunataks in Palmer Land Smith Peaks Mac Robertson Land Smith Peninsula Palmer Land Smith Ridge Ellsworth Land Smith Rocks Mac Robertson Land Mount Smith north of Mawson Glacier Scott CoastIn space Edit Smith lunar crater on the Moon Smith Martian crater on MarsOther places Edit Smith Buenos Aires Carlos Casares Partido Argentina Smith Volcano PhilippinesBusinesses and organisations EditSmith advertising agency an American advertising agency Smith Automobile Company an early United States automobile manufacturing company 1902 1912 Smith s Bank a British bank Smith Electric Vehicles a manufacturer of electric trucks Smith International a gas and oil industry services company now merged with Schlumberger Smith s Food and Drug an American grocery chain The Smith s Snackfood Company an Australian snack food company owned by PepsiCo WHSmith or Smith s a British retailer DS Smith a British packaging manufacturer SmithGroup is an international architectural engineering and planning firm Smiths Group a British engineering company Smith College in Northampton Massachusetts U S Other uses EditSmith Act a United States federal statute Smith Tower in Seattle Washington U S See also EditSmiths disambiguation Smithfield disambiguation Smithland disambiguation Smithville disambiguation Smithers disambiguation Smith Center disambiguation Smyth a surname R v Smith the name of several court cases Smith Square in Westminster London England This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Smith If an internal link led you here you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article Retrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title Smith amp oldid 1061943724, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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