Vaccinioideae is a flowering-plant subfamily in the family Ericaceae. It contains the commercially important cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, lingonberry, and huckleberry.

Vaccinioideae Article Talk Language Watch Edit Vaccinioideae is a flowering plant subfamily in the family Ericaceae 1 It contains the commercially important cranberry blueberry bilberry lingonberry and huckleberry VaccinioideaeVaccinium uliginosumScientific classificationKingdom PlantaeClade TracheophytesClade AngiospermsClade EudicotsClade AsteridsOrder EricalesFamily EricaceaeSubfamily Vaccinioideae Arn TribesAndromedeae Gaultherieae Lyonieae Oxydendreae VaccinieaeTaxonomy EditTribe Andromedeae Genera Andromeda Zenobia Tribe Gaultherieae Genera Chamaedaphne Diplycosia Gaultheria Leucothoe Pernettya Pernettyopsis Tepuia Tribe Lyonieae Genera Agarista Craibiodendron Lyonia Pieris Tribe Oxydendreae Genera Oxydendrum Tribe Vaccinieae Genera Agapetes Anthopteropsis Anthopterus Calopteryx Cavendishia Ceratostema Costera Demosthenesia Didonica Dimorphanthera Diogenesia Disterigma Gaylussacia Gonocalyx Macleania Mycerinus Notopora Oreanthes Orthaea Pellegrinia Periclesia Plutarchia Polyclita Psammisia Rusbya Satyria Semiramisia Siphonandra Sphyrospermum Symphysia Themistoclesia Thibaudia Utleya VacciniumReferences Edit Kathleen A Kron Walter S Judd amp Darren M Crayn 1999 Phylogenetic analyses of Andromedeae Ericaceae subfam Vaccinioideae American Journal of Botany 86 9 1290 1300 doi 10 2307 2656777 JSTOR 2656777 PMID 10487817 External links Edit Data related to Vaccinioideae at Wikispecies This Ericaceae article is a stub You can help Wikipedia by expanding it vte Retrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title Vaccinioideae amp oldid 1085795659, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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