1933 in the United Kingdom

Events from the year 1933 in the United Kingdom.

1933 in the United Kingdom
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1933 in the United Kingdom
1933 in the United Kingdom Language Watch Edit Events from the year 1933 in the United Kingdom 1933 in the United KingdomOther years1931 1932 1933 1933 1934 1935Constituent countries of the United KingdomEngland Northern Ireland Scotland WalesPopular culture1933 English cricket season Football England Scotland 1933 in British radio 1933 in British television 1933 in British music Contents 1 Incumbents 2 Events 2 1 Undated 3 Publications 4 Births 5 Deaths 6 See also 7 References 8 External linksIncumbents EditMonarch George V Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald Coalition Parliament 36thEvents EditJanuary The London Underground diagram designed by Harry Beck is introduced to the public 1 9 February The King and Country debate The Oxford Union student debating society passes a resolution stating That this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and country 2 28 February English cricket team in Australia in 1932 33 Tour concludes with the England cricket team winning The Ashes using the controversial bodyline tactic 3 25 March First car race at Donington Park circuit in Leicestershire 28 March 1933 Imperial Airways Dixmude crash The Imperial Airways Armstrong Whitworth Argosy biplane airliner City of Liverpool catches fire in the air over Belgium and crashes killing the crew of three and all twelve passengers the deadliest accident in the history of British civil aviation to this date 4 The fire onboard may have been started deliberately 5 2 April As a member of the English cricket team touring New Zealand 1933 batsman Wally Hammond scores a record 336 runs in a test match at Eden Park Auckland 3 3 April The Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale leads an expedition to be the first to fly an aircraft over Mount Everest 27 April The Jessop amp Son department store in Nottingham is acquired by the John Lewis Partnership its first store outside London 30 April First air service internal to Scotland Renfrew Campbeltown operated by Midland amp Scottish Air Ferries Ltd 6 Winifred Drinkwater the world s first female commercial pilot is hired to fly the route 7 2 May First modern sighting of the Loch Ness Monster 3 May Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald arrives back in the UK following talks with U S President Roosevelt on the global economic situation In the Irish Free State Dail Eireann abolishes the Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown 1 July London Passenger Transport Board begins operations unifying multiple earlier services 8 15 July Signing of the Four Power Pact by the UK France Germany and Italy 3 26 July Battersea Power Station London first generates electricity 28 July Grand jury abolished in English law 12 August Winston Churchill makes his first public speech warning of the dangers of German rearmament 8 17 August Release of the film The Private Life of Henry VIII Charles Laughton receives an Academy Award for the title role 16 March 1934 making this the first British film to win an Oscar September National Grid completed 6 October Milk Marketing Board established 13 October British Interplanetary Society founded in Liverpool 15 October The Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engine is run for the first time on bench test in Derby 23 October Birmingham city council s 40 000th council house on the Weoley Castle estate is opened by Chancellor of the Exchequer Neville Chamberlain 9 27 October George Eyston achieves a world land speed record for a diesel car of 101 98 mph 164 12 km h at Brooklands 21 December Newfoundland returns to Crown Colony status following financial collapse 8 The British Plastics Federation the oldest in the world is founded Undated Edit Norman Angell wins the Nobel Peace Prize 10 Albert Einstein makes several visits to Britain and campaigns against the Nazi regime in Germany from which he has been exiled Ronald Lockley establishes the first British bird observatory on the Welsh island of Skokholm 11 Publications EditAgatha Christie s Hercule Poirot novel Lord Edgware Dies Robert Hichens novel The Paradine Case 12 James Hilton s utopian novel Lost Horizon A G Macdonell s comic novel England Their England George Orwell s book Down and Out in Paris and London 3 Angela Thirkell s novel High Rising H G Wells novel The Shape of Things to Come Dennis Wheatley s first published novel The Forbidden Territory Births Edit5 January Derek Johnson athlete died 2004 6 January John Clive author and actor died 2012 13 Ian McColl Baron McColl of Dulwich surgeon and academic 13 January Janet Kear ornithologist died 2004 18 January David Bellamy botanist author broadcaster and environmental campaigner died 2019 John Boorman film director 26 January Peter Zinovieff engineer and composer died 2021 2 February Rodney Gordon architect died 2008 Tony Jay British American actor died 2006 6 February Leslie Crowther television comedian and game show host died 1996 7 February John Anderton footballer 8 February Donald Burgess track cyclist 9 February John Michell writer died 2009 18 February Sir Bobby Robson footballer and football manager died 2009 Mary Ure actress died 1975 22 February Katharine Duchess of Kent nee Worsley 27 February Stan Anderson English football player manager died 2018 9 March Sir David Weatherall physician died 2018 12 March Ken Hodgkisson English footballer died 2018 14 March Sir Michael Caine actor 17 March Dame Penelope Lively novelist 23 March Norman Bailey opera singer died 2021 14 25 March Ray Spencer footballer died 2016 1 April Brianne Murphy cinematographer died 2003 4 April Brian Hewson track and field athlete 6 April Roy Goode legal academic Dudley Sutton actor died 2018 16 April Joan Bakewell broadcaster 18 April Michael Bradshaw actor died 2001 19 April Dickie Bird cricketer and umpire 15 Philip Lavallin Wroughton politician Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire died 2020 21 April Ian Carr jazz musician died 2009 24 April Claire Davenport actress died 2002 27 April Peter Imbert Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis died 2017 9 May Jessica Steele romance novelist died 2020 10 May Barbara Taylor Bradford English born novelist 15 May Peter Broadbent footballer died 2013 17 May Shelley Rohde journalist and author died 2007 22 May Don Estelle actor died 2003 23 May Joan Collins actress 24 May Anne Mustoe teacher cyclist and travel writer died 2009 25 May Ray Spencer footballer died 2016 29 May Nick Whitehead Olympic sprinter died 2002 2 June David Mudd politician died 2020 7 June Stanley Clarke businessman died 2004 8 June Robert Stevens English lawyer and academic died 2021 14 June John McHardy Sinclair linguist died 2007 16 June John Cunliffe author died 2018 22 June Tony Booth poster artist died 2017 26 June David Winnick Labour Party politician 1 July Joe Buick Scottish footballer 6 July Frank Austin footballer died 2004 7 July Bruce Wells boxer actor died 2009 8 July Jeff Nuttall actor poet and painter died 2004 9 July Oliver Sacks English born neurologist died 2015 13 July David Storey novelist and playwright died 2017 15 July Julian Bream guitarist and lutenist died 2020 22 July Alexander Trotman businessman died 2005 29 July Peter Baldwin actor d 2015 2 August Tom Bell actor died 2006 5 August Nicholas Scott politician died 2005 9 August Albert Quixall footballer died 2020 10 August Elizabeth Butler Sloss judge Keith Duckworth automotive engineer died 2005 11 August Chris Harris basketball player 15 August Michael Rutter Lebanese English psychiatrist and academic 18 August Michael Baxandall art historian died 2008 21 August Janet Baker mezzo soprano Barry Norman film critic died 2017 2 September Victor Spinetti actor died 2012 8 September Michael Frayn playwright and novelist 11 September Margaret Booth judge died 2021 20 September Dennis Viollet English footballer died 1999 26 September Nicholas J Phillips physicist died 2009 2 October John Gurdon developmental biologist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 9 October Peter Mansfield physicist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine died 2017 11 October Richard Abel Smith British army officer died 2004 13 October Thomas Bingham judge died 2010 24 October Kray twins gangsters died 1995 amp 2000 25 October Peter Dennis actor died 2009 3 November John Barry film score composer died 2011 8 November Peter Arundell racing driver died 2009 9 November Geoff Gunney English rugby league footballer died 2018 23 November John Sanders organist and composer died 2003 2 December Peter Robin Harding air marshal and pilot died 2021 3 December Rosalind Knight actress died 2020 14 December David Maloney television producer died 2006 29 December Samuel Brittan economic journalist died 2020 Deaths EditJanuary Bowman Malcolm railway engineer Belfast and Northern Counties Railway born 1854 7 January Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh artist and designer born 1864 14 January Sir Robert Jones 1st Baronet orthopaedic surgeon born 1857 31 January John Galsworthy novelist Nobel Prize laureate born 1867 2 February Sir Herbert Cory politician born 1857 22 April Sir Henry Royce car manufacturer born 1863 14 June Sir Ernest William Moir civil engineer born 1862 16 July Sir Tudor Walters politician born 1868 25 July John May Scottish international footballer born 1878 31 July Robert Fleming financier born 1845 10 August Alf Morgans Welsh born Prime Minister of Western Australia born 1850 12 October John Lister politician born 1847 18 October Ivor Herbert 1st Baron Treowen soldier and politician born 1851 20 November Augustine Birrell author and politician born 1850 30 November Harry de Windt explorer born 1856 in France 19 December George Jackson Churchward locomotive engineer Great Western Railway born 1857 21 December Dora Montefiore suffragist and socialist born 1851 26 December Henry Watson Fowler lexicographer born 1858 30 December Dugald Cowan educationalist and Liberal politician born 1865 See also EditList of British films of 1933References Edit Garland Ken 1994 Mr Beck s Underground Map Harrow Weald Capital Transport ISBN 1 85414 168 6 Ceadel Martin 1979 The King and Country Debate 1933 Student Politics Pacifism and the Dictators The Historical Journal 22 2 397 422 doi 10 1017 s0018246x00016885 a b c d Williams Hywel 2005 Cassell s Chronology of World History London Weidenfeld amp Nicolson pp 510 512 ISBN 0 304 35730 8 Donald David ed 1997 The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft New York Barnes amp Noble p 63 ISBN 978 0 7607 0592 6 Denham Terry 1996 World Directory of Airliner Crashes Yeoford Patrick Stephens Ltd p 21 ISBN 1 85260 554 5 Air Service History 2 Kintyre on Record 2009 Retrieved 23 September 2010 permanent dead link Dalton Alastair 25 July 2013 New Hall of Fame for Scotland s aviation heroes The Scotsman Retrieved 21 August 2014 a b c Palmer Alan Veronica 1992 The Chronology of British History London Century Ltd pp 376 377 ISBN 0 7126 5616 2 Birmingham has built 77 000 houses during King s reign Birmingham Daily Gazette 2 May 1935 p 25 The Nobel Peace Prize 1933 Retrieved 2 December 2007 Lockley R M 1934 Island Days Leavis Q D 1965 Fiction and the Reading Public rev ed London Chatto amp Windus Ben Quinn 15 October 2012 Actor John Clive dies aged 79 The Guardian London https www legacy com us obituaries tetonvalleynews name norman bailey obituary pid 200153707 Norman Bailey 1933 2021 Dickie Bird 16 August 2012 Dickie Bird Autobiography An honest and frank story Hodder amp Stoughton p 10 ISBN 978 1 4447 5607 4 External links Edit Retrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title 1933 in the United Kingdom amp oldid 1050819753, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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