Cyclone Heta The 2003 04 South Pacific cyclone season was a below average season with three tropical cyclones occurring within the South Pacific to the east of 160 E The 2003 04 season officially ran from November 1 2003 to April 30 2004 with the first disturbance of the season forming on December 4 and the last disturbance dissipating on April 23 During the season at least 16 people were killed from tropical disturbances while overall damage was estimated at 218 million 2004 USD 299 million 2021 USD The most damaging tropical disturbance was Cyclone Heta pictured which caused at least 211 million 2004 USD 289 million 2021 USD in damage to six different countries and left three dead The deadliest tropical disturbance of the season was Tropical Depression 10F which was responsible for eleven deaths and caused 2 74 million 2004 USD 3 75 million 2021 USD in damage Full list Recently featured Orders of battle for the British 2nd Division Shortlist Music Prize Awards and nominations received by Mad Men Archive More featured lists, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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